Now your business can accept all payment methods, all major credit cards, bank accounts and Bpay.

Accept Real time credit card and direct debit payments with the Paychoice Payment Gateway.

Paychoice is one of the most reliable, affordable and innovative payment processors in Australia.

Paychoice works with clients around Australia to offer real time payments, direct debit services, software integrations all at affordable pricing and with a quick set up process.

Paychoice also serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks, cash payments and money orders.

Accept Payments 24/7

By using Paychoice your business can accept credit cards and direct debits from your customers. You can initiate payments instead of waiting for your customers to pay you.

Your business can choose to use our merchant portal, hosted payments page service, which requires little programming knowledge or one of our web service API’s which you can integrate into your businesses systems including your e-commerce shopping cart where needed.


By choosing Paychoice you can ensure you can process credit cards due to our compliance with Visa and MasterCards PCI DSS certification process. Through this process we are allowed to hold credit cards safely and securely for you. This means when your bank asks for a PCI DSS certificate off you, you can just refer them to us and we will take care of the headache for you.

So if you want to store your customers credit cards, do it securely with Paychoice!

No Merchant Account?
No Problem

Don’t have a merchant account and think PayPal is your only option to accept online payments for your business? Wrong, Paychoice is the answer for your business!

Setting up merchant accounts with a bank can be a real headache and highly cost ineffective for small start up operators. Paychoice can help you out by setting up a merchant account for you if you want to process payments through us without ever needing to talk to your bank. Please speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives on how we can achieve this for you.

Ready to go?

What are you waiting for? If you are in business and you’re not accepting online payments, then you’re losing money. Start accepting all major credit cards,
anytime, anywhere.

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