Storage facilities are becoming increasingly popular as people amass more possessions but don’t have the room in their homes or apartments to store them. With most facilities taking monthly rental payments in advance from their customers, it becomes essential to have an ordered and organised payment system in place. Paychoice is a online payment gateway that offers simplicity, security and speed of payment. When you use Paychoice as your preferred payment method, you can avoid the security risks that come with storing too much cash on premises and be assured of receiving payment on time. This not only helps to improve your cash flow, but also means you don’t need to waste time chasing up payments!

Discover the Many Features of Paychoice

Paychoice gives your clients the flexibility they need and the safety they demand when it comes to making payments online. Our highly secure system processes payments in real time and can accept payment from numerous sources. Other features of Paychoice include:

  • The ability to accept credit and debit card payments
  • Fast set up
  • No merchant account needed
  • Easy e-Commerce integration
  • PCI DSS compliant
  • Keep credit card details

When it comes to offering your client base flexible payment options, choose the system other storage facilities are choosing. Sign up with Paychoice today.

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