If your software company is regularly commissioned to develop apps or software packages for client, you may have encountered the frustrating situation where payments haven’t come through when you need them. This can negatively affect cash flow, which can then affect productivity in the workplace. Then there’s the risk that they might pay with a cheque that bounces, or pay with cash which you then have to keep safe on premises until you can go to the bank. Of course, being software developers, you know there’s bound to be an easier, safer way for payments to be made and accepted. And that way is Paychoice.

Paychoice Explained

Paychoice is a groundbreaking online payment gateway that offers flexibility, speed and security to the payer and payee. It offers a wealth of features to benefit both parties, including:

  • Fast set up
  • Take real time payments
  • The ability to accept credit and debit card payments
  • No merchant account needed
  • Easy e-Commerce integration
  • Keep credit card details
  • PCI DSS compliant

With Paychoice, payments made and received are recorded so everything remains accounted for. Discover the benefits for yourself – sign up with Paychoice today!

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