Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Paychoice?

Paychoice is an Australian payment processing company.

What is Paychoice?

Paychoice can process credit card and direct debit payments for businesses through the online payment system. Businesses can setup payments via a variety of methods and help with being PCI DSS compliant.
To find out more about what Paychoice can offer, please visit the features page.

What makes Paychoice different from other payment gateways?

Paychoice is different from other payment gateways as we cater for 2 business models:

  • 3rd party payment processor – the same as a payment processor except an internet merchant account from your bank isn’t required. See the question do I need an internet merchant account?
  • Plus you get all the features you would expect from our competitors and more.

Does Paychoice comply with PCI DSS?

Yes, Paychoice is a PCI DSS level 1 certified service provider.

How does Paychoice help me with PCI DSS?

Paychoice can help you comply with PCI DSS through:

  • Secure credit card storage
  • Secure credit card payments

What fees does Paychoice charge?

Make an enquiry on the Paychoice pricing page to find out!

How many years has Paychoice been around for?

Paychoice started processing payments in 2010 and was invite only until early 2012.

What countries does Paychoice support?

Currently Paychoice is only available in Australia and New Zealand. If you would like Paychoice in your country let us know via the Paychoice support site.

What banks does Paychoice support?

Paychoice supports National Australia Bank (NAB), Westpac and ANZ.

What is a internet merchant bank account?

A internet merchant account, commonly referred to as a merchant account, is an account specifically setup to receive credit card payments over the internet.

How do I get an internet merchant account?

You can apply for an internet merchant account from most banks.

Do I need an internet merchant account?

Paychoice makes internet merchant accounts optional as Paychoice can offer 3rd party payment processing.

Does Paychoice have a financial services license?

Paychoice does not need a financial services license as Paychoice does not offer any financial advice.

How long after collection does Paychoice disperse funds for merchants without an internet merchant account?

Paychoice disperses funds 4 business days after the transaction has occurred.

How do I integrate with Paychoice?

You can use the developer section of our website to help.

If you have developed a shopping cart and want to support our payment gateway and need some help, consult our developer section and support site.

Once you have developed a cart which supports our payment gateway, let us know about it and we list you on our website.

Do you have a plugin for (insert software name or shopping cart here)?

We support a number of different shopping carts and software products with a list that is always growing. You can find the list of software over in our developer section on the page. If it’s not listed you can place a request for a shopping cart.

How can I get a sandbox/test account?

You will need to sign up for an account on our sign up page.

Do you have a developer program?

Yes, you can sign up for the developer program in the developer section of the site.

Do you have a security program?

Yes, you can find the information of our security program on our security page.

How can we get in touch with Paychoice?

You can contact Paychoice using one of the methods on the contact us page.

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