One of the five key elements of fitness is flexibility, which is loosely defined as the ability to be easily modified. So it’s interesting that when it comes to the fitness industry, there was a lack of flexibility in the past when it came to clients making gym membership or personal training session payments – it was often cash, direct debit and little else. In the 21st century, as we become an increasingly cashless society, the need for more flexibility in making payments has never been more evident. Not only does it help the client, but it can also assist your business by improving cash flow. With the user-friendly Paychoice, we bring added flexibility to payment options within the fitness industry. Get on board today!

Discover the Advantages of Using Paychoice for Your Business

Paychoice makes easy work of tracking payments from clients, while clients themselves can be 100% confident that their details will remain safe and secure. It comes with a plethora of features such as:

  • Fast set up
  • Take real time payments
  • The ability to accept credit and debit card payments
  • No merchant account needed
  • Easy e-Commerce integration
  • Keep credit card details
  • PCI DSS compliant

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility that Paychoice can bring to your business. Sign up with us today!

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