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But this new Battle Creek area spot is ready to make its mark

And that would include the youngsters, as there is also a kid’s menu, despite how many would be surprised to see that from a restaurant with hard liquor in the title.But this new Battle Creek area spot is ready to make its mark as one of the better restaurants in town, as the distinct theme of a world of whiskey featured on the back wall of the bar might bring people in, but the bold tastes of the food will bring people back.JB’s Whiskey Creek is proud of its House Made Mac and Cheese, which comes with a choice of toppings like pulled pork, cactus chili mac or buffalo chicken. (Photo: /Battle Creek Enquirer)Best time to eat here is when you want a little of this and a little of thatAs mentioned above, the list of entrees on the JB’s Whiskey Creek Old Style Grill offers a little of everything. There is steak, chicken, fish and even foods with a Mexican flair.

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