Payment Gateway Pricing


Merchant Bank Account

Don’t have a merchant account with a bank?
You don’t need one to process with us. Hooray for merchant-less! 1


Merchant Bank Account

Already have your own merchant account?
We will send the payments through your merchant bank for you.

Per Transaction 88 cents 35 cents
Visa & MasterCard Rate 1.5% (Domestic)
3% (International)
Diners & American Express Rate 4%
Per Dishonour $2.50
Per Chargeback $35.00
No Setup Fee No Setup Fee No Setup Fee
No Monthly Fee No Monthly Fee No Monthly Fee
No Annual Fee No Annual Fee 2 No Annual Fee
Online Payment Portal Yes Yes
API Access Yes Yes
Store Credit Cards Yes Yes
Store Bank Accounts Yes Yes
PCI DSS Compliant Yes Yes
Settlement Banks Any Australian bank ANZ, NAB, Westpac
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1 Please note that whilst we accept clients without merchant ID, we cannot provide the service to all industries.
2 Some applications may attract an annual fee if their industry does not fall within one of our available categories. Please inquire with our office for further details.